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We offer spa services that are far beyond the ordinary. Allow us to take you on a journey of relaxation and healing. Our spa rituals are inspired by exotic and ancient modalities of Europe and the Far East. Above just providing spa services, we will equip you with valuable tools to enhance your physical and emotional well-being. Enjoy your time at one of Hilton Head’s favorite massage spa.

We Are A Natural Health and Wellness Spa In Hilton Head SC


*add a BioMat Treatment to any service for $25 per hour.

Enjoy Our Hilton Head Day Spa

Island Massage $115

Perfect for relief from chronic pain or simply seeking some much needed R&R, the Island Massage starts with a 30 min massage and then moves onto a 30 min Reiki session. (Total time 60 minutes)

New to Reiki, learn more Here

Deep Tissue $125

Works sore tired muscles to release pain and injury. Great for neck, shoulder and back pain.

Customized Massage

A therapy consisting of the individual needs of the client. Relaxation with Deep Tissue all in one treatment. 50 Mins.

50 min $115
60 min $125
80 Min $140
90 min $155

Craniosacral Therapy $105

A gentle hands on method of enhancing the flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Blood & Lymph thus facilitates the body’s natural healing. Release lower back and neck pain. Eliminates headaches, sinus pressure, and dental pain. Helps in the recovery of strokes.

Learn More About Craniosacral

Kriya Relaxation $100

Relax, unwind and release. Continual, soothing long strokes to release stress.

Therapeutic Massage $100

Healing with the alignment of the body. Working with the muscles and soft tissue to relieve pain, reduce stress, and to work specific areas of the body. (55 Mins)

Full Body Massage With CBD Oil $130

Full Body Massage focusing on alleviating upper body pain relief. Care and attention for your shoulders, neck and upper back. We use custom CBD oil to reduce pain and inflammation. (50 mins)

Hot Stone Massage $130

Enjoy the soothing benefits! Hot Stone Massage is a form of massage therapy that follows the same principles of Swedish Massage with the addition of heated stones, which helps lead to deep relaxation. Adding heat to specific areas on the body enhances the feelings of relaxation and peace. Recommended in particular for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic pain. The penetrating effects of the heated stones allows the massage to be delivered.

60 Minutes $130

80 Minutes $175

Reiki $80

Connect with your inner self through a meditation state, through hands on healing. Sleep better, relax & enjoy inner peace.

Pregnancy Pre-Natal $120

Long soothing strokes to relieve stress and promote relaxation for Mothers-to-Be.

Couples Massage $100 Per Person

Enjoy a relaxation massage with your loved one. Melt away together. Feel Joy!

Couples massage are given to both individuals together in the same treatment room for added intimacy.

50 Minutes.

Other massage options include:
Deep Tissue $100 per person

Stress Release Treatment $100

A combination of Deep tissue and Relaxation massage to relax, release tension and unwind sore muscles.

Paula Biondo Signature Massage: Caring & Compassionate $155

A custom healing session coming from the heart! A combination of craniosacral therapy, acupressure, Reiki and massage therapy that stimulates the skin and nervous system. The most relaxing way to heal the body, mind and spirit. (80 mins.)

Unwinding Grace $105

The energy healing of unwinding!

A true Medicine for our body! Paula has created her own technique of energy healing, through many years of being a Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapist & Massage therapist. Our bodies are a road map to our life experiences.

Through vibrational energy Paula can unwind the blockages that no longer serve you! (the trauma, memory, pain, stiffness, emotions & discomfort.)
1hr session $105
Package of 3 $95 each

Clients leave feeling energized relaxed and joyful

Advanced Therapy $155

An intuitive massage focusing on the detailed needs of the client. A wonderful way to relax the body to release tension, muscle pain and trauma. Each massage will be a unique experience. (90 minutes)

Inner peace Healing Session with Paula Biondo $100

Learn and experience inner peace with a 1hour session with hands on healing and discussion on how to accomplish inner peace. This is energy healing for self love and inner peace.

Men’s Day Spa Package - $195

An introductory spa package perfect for your first time experiencing the benefits of a “Just For Men” pampering. All done in a relaxing and comfortable setting. Experience 2 hours of pure bliss. Includes an 80 min massage with ½ facial.


See All Of Our Men’s Day Spa Options Here

Raindrop Healing $135

Experience the benefits of essential oils for deep emotional release and spinal and foot pain. An energetic experience with a back and neck massage. We will apply oils to the feet and back (spinal area with a feathering technic) Some of the oils used are basil, oregano, thyme, peppermint, wintergreen and more.
Please shower before your session and wait 24 hrs before your next shower.  (60 mins)

Aromatherapy Massage $110

This popular massage includes a customized massage with aromatherapy. Choose from lemon, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and more. 50 Mins.

Out Call Massage - We Come To You $165

Let our certified and experienced therapists come to you. Each treatment is performed in the comfort of your location. Indulge yourself in various modalities including : deep tissue, Swedish, kriya relaxation and others. 50 min session.

The 80 Minute Massage $140

When an hour just isn’t enough! Our special deep tissue massage is a combination of flushing, stripping, and trigger point work designed to increase blood flow, break up fascia, flush out toxins, and release tension held deep within the muscles and connective tissue.

Swedish $100

Invigorating and Energetic Therapy.

Inner Spirit Massage $100

A complete blend of organic essential oils are massaged throughout the body. Aromatherapy will help open the senses in helping the healing process. Resulting in feelings of inner peace.

Accident Pain Relief Massage $105

Did you have an car accident or have you fallen down and your body has never felt the same. Do you still have the same nagging pain? Experience a unique treatment consisting of Medical Qi Gong Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Therapeutic Hot Stones $175

A soothing hot stone massage with a therapeutic touch. If you are looking for a deeper massage to release tension or pain from sore aching muscles. Please drink water before your appointment. (80mins)

Reflexology $130

Hands, feet, head and ear treatment. Helps release blocked energy throughout the body. (50 mins)

Wisdom Massage $105

A relaxation massage for those 80 and over than have aches and pains. Long gliding strokes with care. Add Lavender, peppermint or lemongrass for additional healing affects. Experience the smell of these aromas to increase your calming and caring experience.
(50 mins)

Sinus Pressure Massage $105

A blissful aromatherapy massage consisting of eucalyptus oil. Feel the clearing of the sinuses from the aroma of eucalyptus and acupressure on sinus points with a detailed head and facial massage.
(50 mins)

Chakra Balancing

The roots of Chakra go back thousands of years to traditional energy healing practices that integrate aspects of ourselves. In many cultures, energy centers, sometimes called chakras, were identified. The most well known system today is the the Hindu seven chakra system developed hundreds of years ago, but there are numerous others.

Each chakra is a vortex, spinning positive energy into, and negative energy out of our bodies. In fact, the word chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. There are 7 main chakras connected to and part of the physical body. When we are in a state of ill health, the chakras may be distorted, out of alignment or even closed. When this happens, energy cannot flow freely and the physical, emotional or spiritual body may suffer. Balancing the chakras brings about healing to the whole body.

Chakra Healing $100

Balancing the body’s energy centers with massage, music, energy, essential oils and stones. Balance the body and increase your energy flow, feel at peace with yourself.

Chakra Hot Stones $105

Total relaxation with hot stones to sooth the body by using heat.

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We know you have many choices of spas in Hilton Head and we are honored you have chosen us as one of the Island’s favorite day spas in the Lowcountry.

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Are you planning a wedding or honeymoon on Hilton Head? Let us pamper you and your special someone. We offer special Hilton Head Honeymoon Packages, Spa Days for the wedding party, or special events for the bridesmaids and groomsman, see our Spa Packages for details.

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